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House District 50’s new state representative is a local school psychologist, University of Northern Colorado graduate and Weld Democratic Party volunteer. She’s also married to state treasurer Dave Young.

A committee of Weld County Democrats met in Greeley on Sunday and selected Mary Young to replace former House District 50 Rep. Rochelle Galindo. Young won the seat with a majority six votes out of the nine-member vacancy committee.

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A veteran, a dental office manager and the wife of Colorado Treasurer Dave Young are among the six candidates hoping to fill the office vacated by former House District 50 Rep. Rochelle Galindo.

On Sunday, less than a month after Galindo’s abrupt resignation, a committee of 10 district residents is scheduled to elect a replacement. That meeting is open to the public.

Galindo for Colorado

Former Colorado state representative Rochelle Galindo, who resigned following what she called false allegations against her, has been cited for providing alcohol to a person under the age of 21.

The Greeley Tribune reports 29-year-old former Rep. Rochelle Galindo is accused of giving wine to an underage college intern multiple times during her 2018 campaign.

City of Greeley

The state representative for House District 50 has resigned — and it's now up to local Democrats to choose her replacement.

Rochelle Galindo, who was the subject of a recall effort, said she resigned because of new and unspecified allegations against her. KUNC has confirmed that no charges have been filed against her, but Greeley police are investigating a complaint.

Colorado State University political science professor Robert Duffy has been following Colorado elections for more than a decade. He spoke with KUNC's Kyra Buckley about the history and potential future of House District 50.

Weld County Democrats are working to find a new state representative for House District 50 after Rochelle Galindo abruptly resigned on Sunday, citing unspecified criminal allegations that were made against her.

In a short post on Facebook, Galindo said, “The allegations against me are false. That said, they will make my fight against the pending recall effort untenable.”

Rep. Rochelle Galindo resigned Sunday, effective immediately. The Greeley Democrat was the target of a recall effort.

Galindo was elected to the Colorado House last November. Then a recall petition was started after she voted in favor of new oil and gas rules during the legislative session.

Galindo cited unspecified allegations as her reason for stepping down.

State Rep. Rochelle Galindo said Friday she believes efforts to oust her from office through a recall are motivated by “radical extremist” views targeting her race and sexuality, even as Republican opponents pushed back on that idea.