Wed December 19, 2012

DeVotchKa Plays The Clockwise Witness Live At Twist & Shout

It takes a lot of courage to share your music with a new group of performers, which is why DeVotchKa’s Nick Urata might be one of the bravest people in the world.

Urata had the vision and audacity to ask the Colorado Symphony to perform with the band. The results of that combination were quite impressive, working with the Colorado Symphony took the band’s music to new heights. The recording is so clean; one would be hard pressed to know if it was a live recording if it weren’t for the applause.

There's no such question though from their performance at Twist & Shout, it's definitely live. DeVotchka's in-store set of 6 was just a sample of what you'll hear on Live With The Colorado Symphony. Here they are performing "The Clockwise Witness:"

You can check out the rest of their set, including "You Love Me," "Along The Way," and "Comrade Z" at the Twist & Shout YouTube page.

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