Sat April 12, 2014
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Fort Collins Tops The Nation In City Satisfaction

Fort Collins ranks No. 1 for city satisfaction among residents nationwide.
Credit DaveTBear / Flickr - Creative Commons

When it comes to satisfaction with where you live, a new Gallup Poll puts Fort Collins on top of the list with Boulder not far behind in a nationwide phone survey. The two cities are no strangers to making the mark.

While both cities have satisfied residents, they also have the record to prove it. Take the city of Fort Collins, which won the 2013 Timberline Award from Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence. The organization tracks the overall quality of city management, leadership and progress. In 2013, the Milken Institute ranked Boulder in the top-ten for best performing cities based on economic growth and high-wage jobs.

Boulder and Fort Collins both ranked high with access to fruits and vegetables.
Credit The Meeting Place North / Flickr - Creative Commons

Healthy foods and active lifestyles are all possible factors contributing to the high scores. Fort Collins and Boulder rank within the top-ten cities for access to fruits and vegetables, according to another 2013 Gallup Poll. It doesn't hurt that the two metropolitan areas are close in proximity to the mountains.

The Fort Collins, Loveland area has a 94.9 percent satisfaction rate, but the same people surveyed about future optimism dips down to 72.7 percent. That may appear low, but still ranks high in comparison to other cities, suggesting nationwide pessimism about the future.   

The results were based on at least 300 telephone calls to residents living in each of the 189 metropolitan areas surveyed.