Thu September 19, 2013
Colorado Flood

Oil And Gas Industry Searching Out Spills Amidst Receding Waters

Reports are surfacing of damage to a handful of oil and gas wells in the region after Colorado's historic floodwaters swamped large portions of the eastern plains.

Tisha Schuller speaks with KUNC's Nathan Heffel about ongoing efforts by the oil and gas industry to assess damage caused by flooding.

The interview above is with Tisha Schuller, president of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association. She is speaking about the ongoing situation, recorded Thursday afternoon. The Denver Post reports that 10 different sites are being tracked by officials. The Post has some rather dramatic aerial shots of spills, two sites are considered 'significant' with a 'measurable release of petroleum product.'

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has a link on its website for the public to report concerns or spills. In a statement, the COGCC says five teams of inspectors and environmental protection specialists are in the field canvassing the area for potential spills.

Environmentalists are concerned about the potential damage that the spills may cause, and is stressing the need for the industry to check every well impacted by floodwaters.

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