Mon July 9, 2012

VIDEO: Meet 3 Among The Many Who Fought The High Park Fire

At one point, the number of personnel fighting the High Park Fire peaked at 2,037. Along with other firefighters, both local and out-of-state, were three volunteer firefighters and their one engine from Ryan Park, WY.

This video was produced by Leah Todd of the Saratoga Sun. The first in her series about the volunteer firefighters is posted at the Sun's website.

The High Park Fire was finally contained on Saturday June 30th. The fire had started on June 9th due to lightning and by the end of those 22 days it had blackened 87,284 acres, destroyed 259 homes, and claimed one life.

Wyoming has had its own share of wildfires. The Squirrel Creek Fire has burned 10,921 acres and is 98% contained. The Arapaho Fire burning near Wheatland, WY is larger than the High Park at 98,094 acres and is at 75% containment. The Fontenelle fire, seen from space in this photo released on July 6th, is 62% contained and 64,083 acres.