Fri May 18, 2012

Hewlett Fire: Day 5 Updates

May 18 Fire Infrared Flight Map
U.S. Forest Service


Thu May 17, 2012
Post Office Closures

Colorado Mail Processing Centers Stay Open, For Now...

Jo Amelia Finlay Flickr-Creative Commons

The US Postal Service announced Thursday which of the 140 mail processing centers [pdf] they’ll be closing between this August and February of 2013. All six of Colorado's locations have been spared from the first round of cuts.

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Thu May 17, 2012
The Two-Way

Feds: Fire Season Off to Slow Start Even As Wildfires Rage in Southwest

Originally published on Thu May 17, 2012 12:11 pm

Raging wildfires are burning tens of thousands of of acres in Arizona, Nevada and parts of New Mexico and Colorado. But federal agencies overseeing the response say they're not worried — by this time last year, there had already been more fires that destroyed more acres.

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Thu May 17, 2012

Hewlett Fire: Day 4 Updates

Cropped photo of the Hewlett Fire from the incident website posted on Wednesday.
Courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service

Editor's Note: The Hewlett Fire was reported on Monday 05/14/12 on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District of the Roosevelt National Forest. Our updates on the fire from Monday are archived here, coverage and updates from Tuesday (5/15) and Wednesday (5/16) have been archived here. Friday's (5/17) coverage of the fire can be found at this post.

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Thu May 17, 2012
The Fracking Boom: Missing Answers

Fracking's Methane Trail: A Detective Story

Originally published on Fri May 18, 2012 7:36 am

A natural gas drilling rig's lights shimmer in the evening light near Silt, Colo.
David Gilkey NPR

Gaby Petron didn't set out to challenge industry and government assumptions about how much pollution comes from natural gas drilling.

She was just doing what she always does as an air pollution data sleuth for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

"I look for a story in the data," says Petron. "You give me a data set, I will study it back and forth and left and right for weeks, and I will find something to tell about it."

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