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Groups Seek To Join Lawsuit, Defend Fracking Moratorium In Fort Collins

Grace Hood
A workover rig performs remedial work on an existing water injection well just inside Fort Collins city limits, Oct. 22 2013.

Citizens for a Healthy Fort Collins, Sierra Club and Earthworks have filed a motion to intervene in the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s lawsuit against Fort Collins over a voter approved 5-year fracking moratorium.

Kevin Lynch with the University of Denver Environmental Law Clinic, which is representing the groups, said one goal is to include the voice of citizens in the case.

“The clients that we represent are focused on making sure that people in Fort Collins have good information about the impacts of fracking — particularly fracking in densely populated urban areas — before the city decides whether to allow fracking in these residential communities,” he said.

Fort Collins voters passed Ballot Issue 2A last November with 56 percent of the vote. After COGA filed suit in December, the city sought dismissal of the complaint just a short time later.

Lynch says a judge will still need to approve their motion.

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