Plant Select

Plant Select is a cooperative of regional growers, CSU and Denver Botanic Gardens.  They have announced their recommendations and introductions for 2011.  The Plant Select 2011 perennials include:

Kirk Siegler

This week we visited a job fair in Larimer County where a number of frustrated job seekers were still struggling to find work, even as the economy appears to be headed toward recovery. Today, we check in with prospective job seekers about to enter the market for the first time. KUNC's Kirk Siegler visits a job fair at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where things appear to be looking up.  

Reliance on social security has increased dramatically in Colorado and across the nation. That’s according to a report released today. And it comes at a time when lawmakers are debating how to reform what’s viewed as a broken system.

More than 89 percent of Coloradans of retirement age are tapping into social security. The nonprofit Institute for Women’s Policy Research says nationwide reliance on the benefit for a prime source of retirement income over the past decade has increased 6 percentage points among men and 4 points for women.

Photo by Kirk Siegler

It's a busy week for ski resorts and other snow-dependent industries in Colorado. Just as the Big Air freestyle competition wrapped up in downtown Denver, the annual S-I-A Snow Show got underway today at the Colorado Convention Center.

Poudre School District

The Poudre School District Board will vote on a recommendation to close an elementary school tonight.

Beattie Elementary in Fort Collins has 282 students right now. If the proposed plan moves forward, the majority of kids would be absorbed into two other schools. The plan would save the cash-strapped district $363,000 per year.

“I have not thought a lot about those dollars that are going to be saved, even though they would be saved every year and would add up,” said PSD Board President Nancy Tellez. “For me the issue here is about what kind of education kids are getting.”

Grace Hood

A recent poll by the Associated Press says more than half of all Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama's handling of the economy. That news comes just before he delivers his State of the Union speech, which will emphasize job creation.

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Since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started in 2001 and 2003, thousands of active military and veterans have committed misdemeanor and felony crimes in Colorado Springs, which is just north of the Fort Carson Army Base.

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How far would you go to help a good friend? It’s a question two Boulder couples have spent the last year-and-a-half considering, and they’ve come up with some pretty unconventional answers. And as KUNC’s Grace Hood reports, they’ll soon take the final steps of a journey that started from one person’s medical misfortune.