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Republicans Gardner, Lamborn Vote No On Stopgap Measure

Nathan Heffel

The US House passed a six-month short term spending measure last week which will keep the federal government running into next spring. Passed by a bipartisan vote of 329-91, the bill now makes its way to the Senate, which is expected to pass it through for the President’s signature next week. 

Nearly all of Colorado’s congressional delegation voted for the stopgap measure. However, two Colorado Republican congressmen voted against it - Doug Lamborn, whose 5th district includes Colorado Springs, and Cory Gardner of the 4th district which includes Greeley. 

Gardner, who's running for re-election, says although his party’s vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan voted for the stopgap; he felt it was in the best interest of his constituents to vote no.

“Nobody understands the budget better then Paul Ryan. And I certainly understand his acumen when it comes to the numbers of this country. But I believe the best thing for the 4th congressional district, was making sure that I take a stand for congress to get its job done.”

Gardner says he’s tired of seeing Congress, in his words, ‘kick the can down the road’ with multiple stopgap measures.  

He also voted against the measure because it continues aid to Libya and Egypt without 'questioning even more then what we have' the recent violence against US embassies in the region

While the federal government remains funded for now, what has been called a ‘fiscal cliff’ - over $100 billion in spending cuts to domestic programs as well as defense funding- is set to go into effect in January.

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