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30,000 Will Vote On Water Measure 4A


In addition to electing a president, some 30,000 voters in Adams, Weld and Morgan counties are being asked to decide the fate of a $60 million bond issue for water storage projects during next Tuesday’s election.

If approved, Measure 4A would help increase the size of Denver’s Chatfield Reservoir, which is a prime water storage source for the district. Central would be one of 15 water districts helping to pay for expansion projects. The bond would also help secure senior water rights. Supporters, including conservancy director Randy Ray, say passage of 4A is vital to the future of the district’s agricultural economy.

Credit Bartlec / Flickr/Creative Commons
Flickr/Creative Commons
Chatfield Reservoir.

“What will happen is, as the Denver metro area continues to grow, they’re going to be purchasing more and more of our water rights, and moving them out of our counties, negatively affecting our economy.”

If approved, the 25 year measure would cost taxpayers within the conservancy water district an additional $1.13 per month, per $1,000 in property value. No group has publicly come out in opposition of the measure. But there has been concern by some residents about paying for water that they would not personally use.

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