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How One Formerly Incarcerated Man Is Helping Those Behind Bars Harness Their Artistic Talents

Buck Adams
Alana Schreiber
Buck Adams stands in front of his recently completed interactive mural on Chestnut Street in Denver.

Overcrowding, mandatory minimums and privatization are issues that have long plagued the prison system across the United States. But another, perhaps less talked about issue, is the inability of inmates to make a livable income while they’re behind bars.

Buck Adams is a veteran, entrepreneur and formerly incarcerated individual who founded the organization Art for Redemption, which aims to help inmates by promoting the artwork they make while in prison.

Colorado Edition’s Alana Schreiber recently met up with Adams in Denver. They went to 3722 Chestnut Place where he revealed his recently completed interactive mural that both calls for prison reform while celebrating and promoting the artistic abilities of the incarcerated.

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