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Colorado Edition: Election security; Youth mental health crisis

Jackie Hai

Many Colorado election officials say they have never felt as uncomfortable at work as they have in the last two years. They are facing new threats from residents still questioning the results of the last presidential election. They are also struggling to stop misinformation and conspiracy theories. KUNC’s Scott Franz spoke to one county clerk who has faced so many threats, she has installed bulletproof glass.

In Colorado, a growing number of young people are in a dire state of mental health crisis. Visits to emergency departments due to severe anxiety and depression have increased dramatically since the beginning of the pandemic, and health officials now estimate that as many as 50% of all youth are struggling with a mental health condition. The sharp rise in these rates led Children’s Hospital Colorado to declare a state of emergency last year for pediatric mental health. We speak with the head of mental health at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Dr. Ron-Li Liaw, to discuss her role and the state of youth mental health in Colorado.

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