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Weld County

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Parts of Colorado’s richest oil field have been inundated with floodwater, raising concerns about thousands of oil and gas wells in the Denver-Julesburg basin.

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Weld County in northeastern Colorado, one of the most drilled in the nation, was also among the hardest hit by this week’s historical floodwaters.

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County officials are telling people to avoid floodwaters, which may be contaminated with sewage and contain unseen hazards such as nails. Some communities in Boulder and Weld counties, including Lyons, Firestone and Frederick, are under boil water advisories.

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Colorado remains under the spell of water. Steady rains Sunday hampered evacuation and rescue efforts and brought renewed warnings to a flood weary Front Range.

From the Greeley Tribune: “The rivers are rising, so those are things we need to be cautious of,” said Roy Rudisill, director of the Weld County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management, while monitoring flooding threats in the south portion of the county this morning. “If the weather keeps going like this, we may need to start opening shelters, or options for residents.”


As 51st state movements gather more attention nationwide, Weld County Commissioners are aiming to give the Colorado movement a ‘platform and a voice.’

Interesting 51st state factoids: The new state would be the least-populous in the Union, with almost 60% the population of Wyoming. It would also have many of Colorado's best ag lands and most of its oil and gas production.

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Off-year elections aren’t known for excitement. But frustrations around everything from gun control legislation to a growing rural-urban divide in Colorado will make for some interesting debate this fall.

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What first seemed like a far-fetched idea in Weld County is now being referred to local voters so they can express their opinions on the matter.

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As challenging logistics and history loom, Colorado's 51st State Initiative has moved another step forward with finalized wording of a ballot question.