6th Congressional District


Tue February 5, 2013

Romanoff To Run In 6th CD

Andrew Romanoff

Sixth District Congressman Mike Coffman (R) already has a Democratic challenger for his reelection bid in 2014. Former statehouse speaker and one time Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff officially entered the race over the weekend.

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Fri November 2, 2012


Fri September 28, 2012
A Word With The Candidates

Aurora Positioned As The Linchpin In The 6th Congressional District

Mike Coffman is pictured to the left, Joe Miklosi to the right.
Coffman - U.S. House, Miklosi - Colorado House Democrats
  • Colorado Public Radio's Andrea Dukakis reports

For the 6th Congressional district, the big game changer is Aurora. In redistricting, the new boundaries take out a big chunk of Republican Douglas county to the south and replaced it with the more working class and Democratic north Aurora.

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