Michael Bennet
Courtesy Bennet for Colorado

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet Recovering From Prostate Surgery

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is recovering from prostate surgery his doctors are calling successful. Bennet’s office released a statement Friday saying he had the surgery last weekend. “Last weekend, Michael underwent surgery and is recovering at his home in Colorado. His doctors report the surgery was completely successful and he requires no further treatment. Michael and his family deeply appreciate the well wishes and support from Coloradans and others across the country, and he looks forward...

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It's taken a couple days to go viral and get our attention, but now the video from over the weekend of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin singing Blueberry Hill is rising fast. So, for your enjoyment in case you haven't seen it yet:

Being surrounded by a nonstop stream of information hasn't exactly helped us focus or concentrate on our work. But a new software application can help social media addicts kick the habit.

Sure, the Web helps us do our jobs, but it can also distract us from them.

Italy's flamboyant and often politically incorrect Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is facing a crucial no-confidence vote Tuesday that could end his political career.

Addressing parliamentarians Monday, Berlusconi, 74, warned rebel lawmakers that his government's collapse, in the midst of the current European debt crisis, could endanger Italy's standing in financial markets.

In Iraq, a wave of attacks targeting Christians is leading to an exodus from Baghdad and other cities. Before the 2003 U.S. invasion, there were nearly 1 million Christians in the country. That number was cut in half in the past several years.

Now, with the latest violence, families are seeking refuge in northern Iraq and trying to emigrate.

The latest spate of attacks on Christians started at Our Lady of Salvation Church, a Syrian Catholic church in a mixed, middle-class neighborhood in Baghdad.

Eight months after the Upper Big Branch mine disaster, the families of the 29 coal miners who lost their lives continue to live in grief, yet few have described their pain publicly.

"Here in southern West Virginia [we] tend to keep that stuff closely held," said Randolph McGraw, a lawyer in Beckley, W Va., who represents the families of six Upper Big Branch victims.

"[We] understand the risk … when something ultimately happens that is beyond the comprehension of people from other parts of the country," McGraw said.

"The agreement between President Obama and congressional Republicans to extend tax cuts and unemployment benefits is getting strong bipartisan support," the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press writes today, adding that "overall, 60 percent approve of the agreement while just 22% disapprove."

The pollsters also say that:

The tax package negotiated by President Obama and Republican congressional leaders survived a key test Monday, when the Senate voted overwhelmingly to end debate and move the bill to final consideration in the next day or two.

Voting was held open to accommodate senators delayed in returning to Washington due to inclement weather in the Midwest. The bill needed 60 votes to clear a procedural hurdle. It achieved that level quickly in a long roll call. The final vote was 83-15.

A federal judge in Virginia has ruled that the federal health overhaul overreached by mandating that practically everyone in the country be required to have health insurance.

Bed Intruder Song is this year's No. 1 on YouTube's most-watched list of videos.

Since the top 2 versions of that much-mashed clip have been watched about 61 million times, it's no surprise to see it on top.

For those not familiar with the video, it all started with this news report from Alabama about an attempted rape and 24-year-old Antoine Dodson's emotional reaction to what happened to his sister.

The not-so-long strange trip of Michael Steele as Republican National Committee chairman appears near an end as speculation mounts that he will announce Monday evening he won't seek re-election.

Again, it's only guessing at this point since Steele could just as easily confound his party (it wouldn't be the first time) by announcing a re-election bid during a scheduled private teleconference.

But there are strong signs that the controversial chair might say he's ready to spend more time with his family.



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