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Waldo Canyon Home Rebuilding Efforts Soar Above 50 Percent

Pete Souza
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The number of homeowners seeking to rebuild inside the Waldo Canyon Fire burn zone has edged above 50 percent.

The Pike’s Peak Regional Building Department has issued 181 permits to rebuild inside the affected area, according to the nonprofit fire recovery group Colorado Springs Together.

President Bob Cutter says homeowners are seeing stiffer regulations when it comes to construction. He says the key change is that decks have to be made of composite material rather than wood.

“Many of the homes caught on fire because of burning ashes and debris falling on [wooden] decks, the decks caught on fire and then took out the house,” he said.

New smaller code changes also targeted at making homes fire resistant include a reduction in mesh size that covers attic vents.

The Waldo Canyon Fire started northwest of Colorado Springs last June, destroying 347 homes and killing two people. It was the most destructive wildfire in state history.

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