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Larimer County Extends Open Fire Ban; Fireworks Not Included

Grace Hood

In the wake of the Hewlett Fire, which scorched 7,685 acres, Larimer County Commissioners have decided to extend open fire restrictions into the summer. However, the restrictions will not apply to the use and sale of fireworks.

The extension of fire restrictions prohibits open camp, agricultural or cooking fires. “Contained” open fires, like camp stoves and grills, as well as ones in fire pits on campgrounds will be allowed.

The move doesn’t go as far as Boulder County, which two weeks ago banned the use or sale of fireworks in unincorporated parts of the county.

Had the Larimer County moved forward with a firework ban, about 14 businesses in the area would have been affected.

Today’s restrictions will be in effect until September 30. Anyone who knowingly violates the restrictions is subject to fines, and could be charged with a class 2 petty offense.

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