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Maxine Speier

Newsroom Producer


As a Newsroom Producer I work on-air and behind the scenes to find and shape the stories you hear every day on KUNC. Producing means doing a little of everything: from covering breaking news to researching and booking guests for thought-provoking conversations on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and KUNC’s Colorado Edition.

Previously I worked as KUNC’s Morning Edition Host. I experienced 15 minutes of public radio fame when my car caught fire during a 4am commute and I ran the rest of the way to the station in freezing temperatures to deliver the news to our 5am listeners.

Before coming to KUNC, I was a reporter at Montana Public Radio and an editorial fellow covering wildfire and the environment for Pacific Standard magazine. I have a master’s degree in natural resource journalism from the University of Montana and a bachelor's in creative writing from Vassar College.

When I’m not being a public radio geek, I’m either skiing, hiking with my not-so-well-behaved dogs, or lost in a book.