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Colorado Edition: Heading Toward The Finish Line

Flora Duffy celebrates her victory after crossing the finish line during the women's triathlon at the 2020 Olympics.
Dan Hugo
World Triathlon
Flora Duffy celebrates her victory after crossing the finish line during the women's triathlon at the 2020 Olympics.

Today on Colorado Edition: we learn about the uptick in health organizations requiring their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and why these mandates are coming months after the onset of widespread vaccine availability. Then, we check in with Colorado local Flora Duffy, who recently won the first Olympic gold medal for her home country of Bermuda. Plus, with Colorado Day on the horizon, we meet the newest state historian and learn about her goals for the year ahead.

Today’s guests include Flora Duffy, gold medal Olympic triathlete; and Nicki Gonzales, associate professor of history and Colorado state historian. This episode also features reporting from KUNC investigative reporter Michael de Yoanna.

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Colorado Edition is hosted by Erin O’Toole (@ErinOtoole1) and Henry Zimmerman. Our producers are Tess Novotny (@tess_novotny) and Alana Schreiber (@ayyschreib). The web was edited by digital editor Jackie Hai. We get production help from Rae Solomon (@raedear1). KUNC news director Brian Larson is our executive producer.

Our theme music was composed by Colorado musicians Briana Harris and Johnny Burroughs. Other music in the show provided by Blue Dot Sessions.

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KUNC's Colorado Edition is a daily look at the stories, news, people and issues important to you. It's a window to the communities along the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
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