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Colorado Edition: New reservoir taking shape near Loveland; 2003 wildfire survivor helps others navigate insurance

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Alex Hager
The fleet of machinery used to build the dam and reservoir at Chimney Hollow include huge dump trucks. The project's total cost comes to about $500 million, breaking down to roughly $340,000 for each day of construction.

Before it flows through your kitchen faucet, water in the Colorado River basin takes a long and winding journey. For a lot of homes on the northern Front Range, that journey will soon be getting another step. In the hills above Loveland, KUNC’s Alex Hager went to watch how a new reservoir takes shape.

The process of recovering from the Marshall Fire looks different for each person affected. For those who were insured, working with their provider to file claims and compile detailed inventories of belongings has become part of day-to-day life. But not all insured residents have enough coverage to make up for the costs of losing a home.

That was the case for Karen Reimus, who lost her home in the 2003 Cedar Fire in San Diego. She discovered her home was severely underinsured after it burned. Two years later, she began volunteering for United Policyholders, a national nonprofit that helps people navigate all kinds of insurance, including after natural disasters. Reimus joins us to talk about her work with survivors of the Marshall Fire.

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