Tue September 17, 2013
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15-Plus Drinks A Night: Teenagers Binge At Dangerous Heights

Originally published on Tue September 17, 2013 11:31 am

Beer pong and other drinking games are popular among teenagers, and play a role in binge drinking.

When teenagers drink, it's all too often all out, downing five or more beers in a session. But some teenagers are drinking even more, a study finds, boosting the upper limits of binge drinking to 15 drinks or more.

In a poll of high school seniors, 20 percent said they'd had five or more drinks in a row in the past two weeks. That's what health officials consider binge drinking.

But 10 percent said they'd had 10 or more drinks at a time, and 5.6 percent said they'd had 15 or more drinks.

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Tue September 17, 2013
Shots - Health News

Healthful Living May Lengthen Telomeres And Lifespans

Originally published on Tue September 17, 2013 1:22 pm

Scientists claim they have evidence that explains why lifestyle changes known to be good for you — low-fat diets, exercise, reducing stress — can lengthen your life.

Based on a small, exploratory study, researchers say these good habits work by preventing chromosomes in our cells from unraveling. Basically, they assert that healthy living can reverse the effects of aging at a genetic level.

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Tue September 17, 2013
Shots - Health News

Laid Off And Looking For Health Insurance? Beware Of COBRA

Originally published on Tue September 17, 2013 12:14 pm

After losing a job, figuring out health insurance may be the smartest first step.
Franck Camhi

People who lose their jobs and the health insurance tied to them will have new coverage options when the Affordable Care Act's marketplaces open in October.

But consumer advocates are concerned many of these unemployed people may not realize this and lock themselves into pricier coverage than they need.

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Tue September 17, 2013
Colorado Flood

Floodwaters Hamper Evans’ Struggle To End ‘No Flush’

The City of Evans has setup many portable toilets to cope with the "no flush" order. Many like these dot the map in town.
Nathan Heffel KUNC

Rushing water from the South Platte River has inundated homes, businesses and large swaths of land on the Eastern Plains of Colorado. In Evans, Colo. It’s also swamped one of two water treatment plants.

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Tue September 17, 2013
Shots - Health News

For-Profit Online Insurance Brokers Gear Up To Sell Obamacare

Originally published on Wed September 18, 2013 6:34 am

Workers at the eHealth call center outside Sacramento, Calif., get ready to sell health insurance through the marketplaces created under the federal health care law. Sales start Oct. 1.
eHealth Inc.

When the Affordable Care Act was working its way through Congress, Gary Lauer was nervous. Part of the bill sounded grim. It said people could buy required health coverage online, but only through websites run by state and federal governments.

"That was going to pretty much delete us from the landscape," he says.

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