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Louisville mom navigates fire recovery with home intact, but uninhabitable

Brewer Family pic Winter Park 2021.jpg
Photo courtesy of Bronwyn Brewer
Bronwyn Brewer (bottom right) with her three children, Olivia (8, bottom left), Beaumont (15, upper left) and Madalynne (16, upper right).

In the aftermath of wildfire, each survivor who lived in the burn path has a unique recovery experience. The recent Marshall Fire leveled some homes to the ground, leaving many others intact but uninhabitable due to smoke and ash. In some cases, the damage is so severe that moving back any time soon seems impossible.

Bronwyn Brewer, a Louisville resident and single mom of three, knows this well. Her family can’t yet return to the home they were renting in Louisville due to damage from the fire. She joins us to share her family’s experience, and what navigating insurance and disaster assistance is like when a home is uninhabitable.

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