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Today on Colorado Edition: a settlement has been reached in the lawsuit between the Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship and the city of Fort Collins. Plus, we'll look at the results of the Estes Park recall election and what new electric vehicle standards will mean for automakers and consumers. We'll also discuss what local indicators we can use to assess the economy's health. Finally, what a bike race dropping its mens event means for women's cycling. 

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Today on Colorado Edition: a new poll looks at how Americans feel about red flag legislation. We'll look at the numbers and what they mean for Colorado. Plus, we dive into the state's standardized test score data and meet a sculptor in Loveland hoping to break the bronze ceiling with a work dedicated to the suffragette movement. Finally, we'll celebrate National Radio Day. 

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Today on Colorado Edition: we'll discuss a local recall election in Estes Park, meet the dogs of Yosemite that are helping keep aquatic invasive species out of the park, and get some updates on Colorado's efforts to import prescription drugs from Canada. We'll also learn about one man's mission to revive the lost practice of horse dentistry. Finally, we'll hear sounds of the Fort Collins Peach Festival. 

Road closure
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Update at 1:43 p.m.

The Deer Creek Canyon Park fire in Jefferson County is 100% contained.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says area roads have been reopened to residents. Fire crews are still working the blaze and smoke is still visible.

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Today on Colorado Edition: former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has announced the end of his presidential campaign. We talk about what's next for him, and all the money he raised during the race. Plus, despite marijuana's legal status in the state, the black market is still booming. Finally, we'll discuss how an ultra-marathon saved a mountain town. 

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John Hickenlooper on Thursday ended his longshot bid for the Democratic presidential nomination and said he may run for the Senate in 2020 against a Republican considered one of the most politically vulnerable incumbents.

The former Colorado governor and Denver mayor made the announcement via YouTube video, where he's shown sitting on a sunny porch, thanking his supporters.

Dusty Daniels
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Today on Colorado Edition: 66 motorcyclists and 10 bicyclists have died on Colorado's roads so far this year. We discuss tips for driving, motorcycling and cycling safely. Plus, we learn about the future of abandoned oil and gas wells in the state. At the same time, a long-abandoned plot of land along Highway 36 moves towards development. Finally, a high-security plant destroys the U.S. Army's chemical weapons in a race against the looming threat of climate change. 

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Today on Colorado Edition: two KUNC reporters reflect on their visit to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Aurora. Plus, we look ahead at the storylines we'll be watching this school year. And, we'll learn about how climate change is affecting military bases around the world and here in Colorado. Finally, how one local wildlife center is getting creative with the way they help wild baby birds. 

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Colorado Edition is back, bringing you news from around the state. 

Today, we'll discuss a proposed development in Vail and how libraries can help news deserts. We'll also learn about tourism to Colorado, and take a tour of the State Capitol. 

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We've been away for a few weeks, putting together a brand new show. Rather than as a weekly podcast, Colorado Edition will come to you four days a week, Monday through Thursday.

We will launch first as a podcast-only show beginning Aug. 12. Then starting on Labor Day, Sept. 2, Colorado Edition will be broadcast on KUNC at 6:30 p.m., right after All Things Considered.