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Stacy Nick

Today on Colorado Edition: why two Northern Colorado school districts will ask voters for more money in the fall. Plus, we meet the forensic scientists who solve wildlife attacks and listen in on a conversation about media bias with Vanessa Otero. And, finally, a first look at an art exhibit that brings together a soda fountain, the atomic era and government conspiracy theories. 

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Enough signatures have been gathered to put the national popular vote compact before voters.

The new law allows Colorado to give its Electoral College votes to the winner of the national popular vote for president.

NPR newsroom
Allison Shelley for NPR

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll listen to an excerpt of a live event with NPR's public editor. Plus, how one man escaped a cycle of gang violence. We'll also discuss why a company in Colorado is facing scrutiny for its drug production, and learn about a writing program for veterans at a local university. 

Oil well
Matt Bloom / KUNC

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll discuss a controversial ban on fracking in a Colorado town and what a water auction means for the state. Plus, we'll learn about the latest school safety measures, and discuss the link between high altitude and depression. 


Today on Colorado Edition: we'll discuss a recent string of severe respiratory illness and their potential link to e-cigarette use. Plus, the latest on court ruling in the state of Idaho regarding a transgender inmate's confirmation surgery, and a trip to the last relatively wild river in the state.

Keenan Kellog
Stephanie Daniel / KUNC

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll discuss what former Gov. John Hickenlooper's announcement that he will enter the primary race for Republican Cory Gardner's Senate seat means, and what's next. Plus, we'll talk with Gov. Jared Polis about full-day kindergarten, and look into why an influential philanthropist in Fort Collins is embroiled in a controversy over a proposed homeless center. 

Lily Tyson / KUNC

Today on Colorado Edition: a settlement has been reached in the lawsuit between the Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship and the city of Fort Collins. Plus, we'll look at the results of the Estes Park recall election and what new electric vehicle standards will mean for automakers and consumers. We'll also discuss what local indicators we can use to assess the economy's health. Finally, what a bike race dropping its mens event means for women's cycling. 

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Today on Colorado Edition: a new poll looks at how Americans feel about red flag legislation. We'll look at the numbers and what they mean for Colorado. Plus, we dive into the state's standardized test score data and meet a sculptor in Loveland hoping to break the bronze ceiling with a work dedicated to the suffragette movement. Finally, we'll celebrate National Radio Day. 

Henry Zimmerman / KUNC

Today on Colorado Edition: we'll discuss a local recall election in Estes Park, meet the dogs of Yosemite that are helping keep aquatic invasive species out of the park, and get some updates on Colorado's efforts to import prescription drugs from Canada. We'll also learn about one man's mission to revive the lost practice of horse dentistry. Finally, we'll hear sounds of the Fort Collins Peach Festival. 

Road closure
Matt Bloom / KUNC

Update at 1:43 p.m.

The Deer Creek Canyon Park fire in Jefferson County is 100% contained.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says area roads have been reopened to residents. Fire crews are still working the blaze and smoke is still visible.