Mon May 21, 2012
Law Enforcement

Regional Crime Lab Planned For Northern Colorado

Plans to build a regional crime lab in northern Colorado are becoming more concrete. Weld County, Larimer County, Loveland and Greeley have signed on to contribute staff to the crime lab and money for operational costs. Fort Collins will decide whether to sign on to the project at the city’s meeting next month.

The $4 million needed to build the proposed 20,000 square foot facility will come solely from Weld County. Commissioner Sean Conway says the lab will also be housed in Weld County at the intersection of Highway 34 and State Highway 257.

“We felt that weld county just needed to step up to the plate. If this project was ever going to go from just an idea or just a dream; if it was ever going to become a reality it needed to happen now.”

Northern Colorado is the largest population base in the state without it's own crime lab. Conway says the local lab will help expedite the process for law enforcement officials.

“A regional crime lab was thought up quite frankly because of the delays with getting evidence processed in our other crime labs in the metro area. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, justice delayed is justice denied.”

The plan is to break ground on the facility by this September, with final competition projected by September of 2013.

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