Sun October 12, 2014
Colorado Flood

A Year Later, Colorado Reflects On Flood Recovery Efforts

Permanent repairs are underway for the U.S. 34 bridge east of Greeley.
Credit Colorado United / Twitter

While construction and recovery efforts continue a year after Colorado’s epic 2013 flood, Gov. John Hickenlooper and the Colorado Recovery Office have released a report analyzing the progress made and lessons learned over everything from housing and infrastructure to environmental restoration efforts.

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Fri September 12, 2014
Colorado Flood

Watch: BBC 'Pop Up' Shares Flood Survival Stories From Jamestown

Soldiers from Fort Carson, along with civilian rescue personnel, rescue members of the Jamestown, Colo., community and children from Cal-Wood Education Center after severe flooding shut down major roads leading out of town Sept. 14, 2013.
Staff Sgt. Dixie Manzanares Colorado National Guard


Thu September 11, 2014
Colorado Flood

This Map Shows Parts Of Boulder County Susceptible To Landslides

The 2013 rains catalyzed hundreds of landslides; this large one, which wiped away buildings, took place on the northwest side of Twin Sisters Peak outside Rocky Mountain National Park.
Jonathan Godt U.S. Geological Survey

The devastating 2013 floods have left their mark on Colorado's landscape, and that includes an increased risk of landslides in areas that received heavy rains.

"In some of the areas, the soil became unstable. It moved, but it didn't totally fail and flow down the slope. So it's at a reduced strength, and those areas are unstable," said Karen Berry, who directs the Colorado Geological Survey and is the interim state geologist.

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Wed September 10, 2014
Colorado Flood

Years Of Work Still To Come For Flood-Damaged Colorado Roads

The 2013 floods wiped out roads in narrow canyons, including U.S. 34, in Larimer County, and U.S. 36, in Boulder County.
Capt. Darin Overstreet U.S. Air National Guard

The massive September floods of 2013 tore houses from their foundations and washed away roads as if they were made of sand, not asphalt.

While the Colorado Department of Transportation was able to re-open all damaged roads before Dec. 1, 2013, those roads still need a lot more work before they will be able to withstand future floods.

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Tue September 9, 2014
Colorado Flood

Add Housing Shortage To A List Of Challenges In Post-Flood Lyons

Lyons' Main Street shows few signs of flood damage one year post flood.
Grace Hood KUNC

One of the hardest hit areas following the 2013 flood was the small 2,000-person town of Lyons. Key pieces of the town's infrastructure like sewer, water and gas lines were severely damaged. Fast forward a year, the town is working off a list of 87 projects ranging from park and river bank repair to bridge rebuilding.

Another challenge is replacing housing lost to the flood.

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