Wed April 27, 2011

Wilderness or Wild Lands? Policy Sparks Controversy

South Shale Ridge in western Colorado is prized for scenery, and the natural gas that lies beneath it.
Photo by Kirk Siegler

Wilderness conservation took a hit as part of this year’s federal budget compromise. A rider slipped into the bill at the last minute has put millions of acres of land back on the table for oil and gas drilling.  One of those places is South Shale Ridge in western Colorado. The area is not federally protected wilderness.  So the conservation-minded Interior Department had floated a different term for places like it, “wild lands.”  But that definition is now up in the air.

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Tue April 19, 2011

NREL Partnering with Google to Promote Electric Cars

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

The Golden-based National Renewable Energy Lab is partnering with internet search engine Google to promote the spread of electric car charging stations in Colorado and across the US. 

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Thu April 7, 2011

Under The Sea, Sex Is Slimy Business

Originally published on Wed May 23, 2012 10:01 am

Never threaten a hagfish. And if you do, watch out.

"When it's threatened or in danger or gets injured, it produces — very quickly — huge amounts of slime," says Ellen Prager, a marine scientist and educator. "In fact, they found that in just a few minutes, it can fill up seven buckets full of gooey, slimy gunk."

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Thu January 27, 2011

Water Report Casts Dim Future for Colorado

Another state report is out giving dire predictions about the future of water supplies in arid Colorado, even as the state's population continues to boom. The report shows that unless more conservation and other water projects move forward, up to 700,000 acres of farmland could be dried up in the state by 2050.
The release of the Statewide Water Supply Initiative comes as water managers from around the region are meeting for a Colorado Water Congress summit.

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Thu January 27, 2011

Ant Farm: The Big Chill And Tunnels Of Love

Originally published on Thu January 27, 2011 3:11 pm

Milton Levine in 2006
Damian Dovarganes AP

Laurel Dalrymple is a home page editor at NPR.org

Despite the Xbox 360s, lifelike squawking hamsters and remote-controlled flying fairies now on the market, my 8-year-old daughter asked for just one thing last Christmas: an ant farm.

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