Mon September 15, 2014
Arts & Life

5 Ways Colorado Libraries Are Going Beyond Books

As the photographer notes, "a skullless situation at Norlin" library on the campus of the University of Colorado, Sept. 2013.
Gaurav Vaidya Flickr - Creative Commons

Everyone knows what a library is about. Think rows of bookshelves and research computer terminals. People reading in quiet solitude.

But some Colorado libraries are starting to step outside these traditional definitions. Offering something more than just books, magazines and ebooks. In Arapahoe County, you can take Google Glass for a test spin. In Adams County you can print out your latest creation with the library's 3D printer.

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Sat September 6, 2014
Garden Report

Fall Preparation For Next Year's Garden

Rose hips add color to the landscape during the colder months.
Credit highboom / Flickr - Creative Commons

At some point in September, we’re going to have a frost or freeze. That marks the end of most annual flowers and the vegetable garden. As we move into the fall, the days won’t be too hot and the nights will be cool. It’s time to clean up the frozen plants and prepare for winter and next spring’s growing season.

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Tue September 2, 2014

Heirlooms Passed Down By Seed Savers

Steve Carlson handles some seeds of Trail of Tears corn. During the forced march in the 1830s from the southeastern U.S. to Oklahoma and Arkansas, Cherokee planted these seeds along the way.
Credit Sarah Boden for Harvest Public Media

Most vegetable seeds today are bred by seed companies to be hearty and easier to grow. They’re created by cross-breeding different varieties and selecting for specific characteristics.

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Sat August 30, 2014
Garden Report

Spring Is The Status Quo, But Fall Planting Is Equally Effective

Most perennials are suited for fall planting.
Credit John / Flickr - Creative Commons

Spring may resemble the time when most gardeners commence planting, but autumn is just as good of a time when it comes to ideal conditions for establishing new plants. Whether to transplant new flora into the soil in fall or spring depends on the characteristics of the plant.

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Sat August 23, 2014
Garden Report

How To Diagnose An Ailing Plant

Irregular patterns are an indication of disease rather than environmental factors.
Credit Penn State / Flickr - Creative Commons

When things go wrong with plants there are steps to get to the root of the problem. Systematic sleuthing considers all of the possibilities when identifying the source of the cause behind a sick plant.

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