Sat October 6, 2012
Garden Report

Spring Ahead: Plant Bulbs Now

Phil Williams Wikimedia Commons

As fall approaches and cooler weather moves in, keep warmer times in mind by planning ahead with your garden. KUNC’s gardener Tom Throgmorton says plant flowering bulbs now to prepare for spring.

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Sat September 29, 2012
Garden Report

Guide To Gardening In October

John Menard Wikimedia Commons

As cooler weather moves into Colorado, October is the perfect month to accomplish gardening projects. KUNC's Gardener Tom Throgmorton has a few suggestions on way to take full advantage of October and these  autumn days.

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Sun September 23, 2012

Greeley Asks Residents To Stop Watering Lawns Early

Andrew pmk Wikimedia Commons

The City of Greeley is asking water customers to voluntarily stop watering their lawns by Oct. 1. That’s two weeks before the typical recommendation to stop regular lawn watering.

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Sat September 8, 2012
Garden Report

Help Your Lawn Survive The Winter

Fergal Carr Wikimedia Commons

Fall’s the time to start preparing your lawn to survive the  winter and thrive next spring. KUNC Gardener Tom Throgmorton offer tips on how to get a stronger grass lawn.

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Sat August 25, 2012
Garden Report

Hardscape Made Easy

Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi, India.
Vssun Wikimedia Commons

The upcoming fall season is a great time to hardscape your garden. KUNC’s Gardener Tom Throgmorton says adding a terrace, patio or water feature can drastically transform your outdoor space.

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