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KUNC's Colorado Edition is a daily look at the stories, news, people and issues important to you. It's a window to the communities along the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

The show explores the big stories of the day, bringing context and insight to issues that matter. And because life in Northern Colorado is a balance of work and play, we explore the lighter side of news, highlighting what makes this state such an incredible place to live.

Colorado Edition airs on KUNC Monday through Thursday at 6:30 p.m., with a rebroadcast of the previous evening's show Tuesday through Friday at 8:30 a.m., and is available as a podcast online and wherever you get your podcasts:

Matt Bloom / KUNC

Today on Colorado Edition: we’ll hear from a local public health department about their contact tracing work. Plus, we’ll check in on how people living at nursing homes are faring. And, we’ll learn what the transition to safer-at-home has meant for food trucks, and for a local marijuana business.

Henry Zimmerman / KUNC

Today on Colorado Edition, we explore how the real estate market is navigating the state’s safer-at-home order. We also hear about the Coloradans in the running for the prestigious James Beards Awards. Plus, we hear from a vaudeville group taking its socially-distant act to the streets, look ahead to hunting season here in Colorado, and examine the strength of the food chain in our region.

Scott Franz/Capitol Coverage

Today on Colorado Edition: we’ll learn about how the coronavirus pandemic has changed campaigns, and what impact it’s had on state politics. Plus, we’ll talk with a local business owner, hear about how the pandemic has impacted migrant farmworkers, and talk to a scientist who recently discovered an ancient mammal.

Jackie Hai / KUNC

Last week, Gov. Jared Polis urged Coloradans who need emergency medical care to go to the emergency room.

“If you need non-COVID medical care — chest pains, dizziness — seek out that medical care. If you would have gone in January or February don’t let the fear of COVID keep you from seeking out the medical treatment you need today, because we don’t want to see more people die of other health causes because of COVID,” he said at a press conference.

Esther Honig / KUNC

Today on Colorado Edition: We explore concerns from Colorado ranchers about the future of the beef industry. We'll also hear about one teacher who views COVID-19 as a learning opportunity. Plus, we hear from an emergency room doctor, and the owner of a spice shop.

Matt Bloom / KUNC

Today on Colorado Edition: What a global oil price crash has meant for Colorado workers. Plus, a new music business class is starting at Colorado State University. We will also learn about results from a new survey about how coronavirus is impacting people in our state, and talk with the state’s poet laureate.

Chloe Capture / Public Domain

Results from a new survey show how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting life for Coloradans. Questions ranged from mental health, support for stay at home measures, and how confident people are in local, state and federal leadership during the crisis.

KUNC’s Rae Solomon joined Colorado Edition to sort through those survey results.

ImadCode / CC BY-SA 2.0

Under the state’s new safer-at-home order, hospitals are allowed to start elective surgeries again, which were not allowed under the stay-at-home order. It’s up to individual hospital systems to decide if they want to do so.

Luke Runyon / KUNC and Harvest Public Media

Today on Colorado Edition: We explore the psychology of returning shoppers. We also learn about elective surgeries and how they play into a hospital’s financial picture. Plus, we walk through what’s in store for Colorado’s budget. And, we hear how a range of different health measures around the state might factor into the state’s economy.

Woody Myers

Life has changed quickly for many Coloradans over the last few months. Woody Myers, a professional photographer, decided that instead of simply watching the change as it goes by, he would start documenting it.

Normally, Myers is the staff photographer at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. This spring, however, the campus is mostly empty. The usual springtime events, including graduation, have all been canceled. So, Myers turned his attention to a personal photography project, something he’s calling “Community Captures.” He joined Colorado Edition to talk about that work.