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Infograph containing the following data regarding Colorado's creative economy: $13.6 billion contributed to Colorado's economy; 100,631 jobs created; and comparing Colorado with jobs created in neighboring states (Colorado is first).
Graphic: Ashley Jefcoat/KUNC / Data: The Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account

This week on KUNC's Colorado Edition:

In 2014, Colorado doctors noticed a strange cluster of medical cases -- children whose arms and legs suddenly went weak -- or even became paralyzed. Now, those doctors and researchers are getting closer to finding out what caused the problem so they can be ready next time.

Stephanie Daniel / KUNC

In this week's Colorado Edition, we follow hundreds of high school students dismayed by the Parkland shootings in Florida. There was a huge walkout in Fort Collins where the students -- and some parents -- called for gun control. 

Courtesy of the Amache Preservation Society

In this week's Colorado Edition, we take you back to World War II. No, not overseas, but to the former Amache internment camp. President Franklin Roosevelt signed an executive order in 1942 that ordered tens of thousands of Japanese-Americans to be held in internment camps around the Mountain West, including Colorado.