Over the past three years, I've had one major goal in my personal life: To stop being so angry.

Anger has been my emotional currency. I grew up in an angry home. Door slamming and phone throwing were basic means of communication.

I brought these skills to my 20-year marriage. "Why are you yelling?" my husband would say.

"I'm not," I'd retort. Oh wait. On second thought: "You're right. I am yelling."

Excercises at Red Rocks Amphitheatre
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It's a new year, which means resolutions are being made and broken everywhere. As always, the most popular ones tend to center around working out and being healthy.

But are New Year's resolutions the best way to make lasting change?

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The expectation of receiving pain can lead to feeling pain, according to a new brain imaging study from the University of Colorado Boulder.